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Kirtee shah CHAIRMAN
He is a practicing Architect and Chairman of KSA Design Planning Services P. Ltd.  He is also a founder director of Ahmedabad Study Action Group (ASAG) a public charitable trust, for past 35 years.  He was the president of Habitat International Coalition, worlds largest coalition of Habitat Professionals working on issues of housing rights and sustainable urban development, for 10 years; founder President of India Habitat Forum (INHAF) with over 200 members across the country; one of the founders of Ashoka Innovator for the public, which now works in 45 countries of the world. He is an active member in Asian Coalition of Housing Rights (ACHR) in Thailand and CityNet in Japan.  He is a founder Chairman of HOLSAA – Home Losers’ Service Association in Ahmedabad, following the Gujarat Earthquake.  He has written several papers on people’s rights on housing, Earthquake Policy and Riverfront Development in Ahmedabad.
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SAMIR shah M.D.
Practising Architect and Managing Director of KSA Design Planning Services P. Ltd..  He graduated from CEPT University in 1984.  He has undertaken several Architectural assignments in different parts of the country.  He conducted training programs for participative design process for post-earthquake rehabilitation in Gujarat.  He also conducted training programs for NHDA staff and other professionals in Sri Lanka for construction of post-tsunami rehabilitation.
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