Organization / COMPANY PROFILE

M/s. KSA Design Planning Services Pvt. Ltd. (DPS) a firm of practicing architects, provides services in Architectural Design, Project Formulation, Project Evaluation and Settlement Planning, Rehabilitation, Retrofitting, Quality Audit, Training, Structural Design, Utility Design and Interior Design.

DPS emphasizes on seeing buildings in the context of people's functional needs, changing life style and psycho-socio aspirations and designing them as integral elements of overall environmental landscape, stem from its partner's extended exposure to the local, national and international development scene. Its experience in designing, planning and building for large communities and involvement in and exposure to macro level policy formulation and development processes, has helped DPS develop a perspective that puts the users, individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities in the center of the design process and evolve a style that results into cost effectiveness, on the one hand, and functionally efficient, climatically appropriate, socio-culturally sensitive and aesthetically harmonious designs, on the other hand, which are correctly constructed and long lasting.

At DPS buildings are seen as objects to be handled with sensitivity and concern as their long life spans generations. And the design is viewed as a process of assimilation (of modern technology and traditional wisdom), synthesis (of past and present; of needs and aspirations; of pragmatism and vision) and evolution.